Eco-printing... a natural process in which leaves and petals are layered onto fabric, bundled, and simmered or steamed to create a permanent transfer of pigment and tannins to the cloth. No chemicals, additives or synthetic dyes are used. Natural occurring minerals in the water, salt, rusty pipes, aluminum pots, copper, rust bits and wood can be used to encourage different colour patterns. Materials are either 100% silk or 100% merino wool. All items are processed in a smoke- and fragrance-free environment.

Although designs may be repeated, they cannot be duplicated. No two pieces are alike.

Each piece is unique resulting in unpredictable results.

Care Instructions:

If necessary, hand wash gently with pH neutral soap (baby shampoo works well) and hang to dry.

Iron on delicate. Do not dry clean.

Avoid direct sunlight and harsh chemical detergents, as they may fade or alter the color of naturally-dyed textiles.