Unpredictable Results

During the past three weeks, I have created and unbundled approximately thirty scarves. Although designs can be repeated, they cannot be duplicated. Each unbundling is exciting with no two scarves even close to being identical.

Just when I think I have the process sorted out, I am surprised again by the results. I have rolled silk around branches, copper pipe, steel pipe, plastic pipe, and aluminum. I have boiled and steamed. I have used stainless steel pots and aluminum pots. I have sprayed and soaked with vinegar and iron water. I have sprinkled with salt and scattered with rust bits. Bundles have sat and absorbed tannins for one week, and I have left them for three weeks. 

Green becomes purple, black, yellow or orange. Red becomes pink or purple. Brown turns to orange and yellow and sometimes even black. Petals give bursts of colour with leaves adding more distinct shapes and details.

The results, although unpredictable, never cease to disappoint, and each scarf becomes my favourite until I open the next. 

To top it all off, I now have a supply of green maple and oak leaves in my yard. The 'O Canada Collection' has begun!

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